Longing to get some ANOMIE shop vibes in your daily life? Say hello to our latest in-store playlist.

Lately, all I want to hear are chill synthie baby voices and the incoherent, but sick AF, mumbles of potential demigod Rih Rih when I’m at werk, werk, werk, werk, werk; so I fully blame this entire playlist on my recent, and super late to the party, obsession with Grimes. And because I am a kind and benevolent employer, I made sure to stay up extra late while catching up on this lackluster season of Project Runway: All Stars (seriously though, who/what/where/why is Alyssa Milano the host? I’m dying to understand.) to ensure this playlist is over 8 hours long and wouldn’t drive my beloved #shopgirlsofANOMIE insane with ANY repeats during the day. Best described as “full of super ~*chill*~ indie electronic and random mainstream hits” by me or “is this music?” by an octogenerian, it’s easy listening and excellent background music. It’s also full of bands and artists I had never heard of before last night. Watch out Pitchfork magazine, I’m basically a music reviewer now!

Added bonus:  I promise not to put Pia Mia on this one.


Image Credit: Teen Vogue/Grimes’ Instagram



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