As it turns out, Chelsea is not the only one posting selfies of her shop swag on instagram (#amirrorselfieadaykeepsthedoctoraway, true fact). We *heart eyes emoji* seeing how you incorporate your items onto your bodies and into your homes; so here’s a selection of some of our favorite #ANOMIEinthewild photos. Naturally, boobs and middle fingers are a theme. We’d expect nothing less of you, ladies.


[ PHOTOS BY:, @jeannettehlee, @fashionframebyg, @dazymaephoto, @esteelalonde, @viviannamakeup, @madisonmonteze, and @hailzstorms ]


[ PHOTOS BY: @meganlauzier, @tardaeda, @melinawhh, @halemur, @allie.undefined, @nataliedeayalacollection, @mimi.amabile,, and @uglybestfriend, @loislanier, @adhowarth, and @manrepeller ]


[ PHOTOS BY: @samanthamariaofficial, @latashamcneil, @maureeeen, @caitlin_gunther, and @pelindemirr ]

Thanks to all the super cuties and fuckin’ babes for sharing photos of their ANOMIE finds. We love seeing where our items end up and who the end up with.

Sharing is caring, tag us on instagram so we can see too!

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