If you’re here right now, I suspect you took great care of yourself and scored big on Black Friday/Cyber Monday …and then proceeded to freak out on “Crap, I Didn’t Buy Anything for Anyone Else” Tuesday. I get you. We are the same people. So, scrounge up your remaining coin, because you’ve got work to do! ANOMIE is here to help you out with a roundup of our best selling staples and favorite new arrivals to fit your budget.


Boy Smells Candle ($29) – No, these don’t smell like boys. In fact, we’ve got 8 great scents and a votive trio to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any, but *psst* our best sellers are Cedar Stack and Lanai! A great gift for someone who loves candles, and an even better gift for someone who is a sucker for perfect packaging.

Herbivore Luxe Hydration Trio Gift Set ( $39) –  Help them sample a trio of Herbivore’s best selling products and score some minis for travel. It’s a win win.

Moon Juice Full Moon Dust Box Set ($38) – A 12-pack of all six of Moon Juice’s Moon Dusts — a great way for health-conscious friends and family to figure out which dust is best for them. Bonus: you get to enjoy their expression when they realize one of them is a “Sex Dust.” So, basically, it’s a gift for you too 🙂


Palermo Body Detox Body Scrub ($48) – The Laundress Le Labo Santal Detergent ($45) – PF Candle Co. Candle ($18)

Moglea Weekly Calendar Pad ($13) – Clare V. Cord Wristlet ($45) – Hayley KS Fine Jewelry Tiny Gold Ball Stud – Single ($34)

Jenny Strange Hands On T-Shirt ($34) – The Granite Bottle Vase ($44) – Nadine Stacking Rings ($12-38)

Moglea Painted Notebook ($22) –  Wick Trimmer ($10) – Gift Card (any amount!)

Meow Meow Tweet Soap ($12) – Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak ($18-$32) Venice Balancing Perfume Oil ($46)

Shop more gifts under $50 on our site:

Under $25




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