#ANOMIEinthewild – v. 1

As it turns out, Chelsea is not the only one posting selfies of her shop swag on instagram. (#amirrorselfieadaykeepsthedoctoraway, true fact). We *heart eyes emoji* love seeing how you incorporate your items onto your bodies and into your homes; so here’s a selection of some of our favorite #ANOMIEinthewild photos. Naturally, boobs and middle fingers are a theme. Duh.

Behind the Brand: Claire Kinder of Claire Kinder

Now that we’ve all passed Jewelry 101, it’s time to delve a little deeper into the work of Claire Kinder, one of ANOMIE’s most beloved designers and maker of our best selling Pip rings and studs. Think of this as a virtual graduation field trip, and I’m your Ms. Frizzle. Destination: Kinder’s new Brooklyn studio. Seatbelts, everyone!